At Abbotsbury School we follow the Early Years Curriculum, as set out by the Government.

There are three prime areas of learning that underpin everything within Early Years. These areas are :

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal Social and Emotional development

Four further specific areas help children to strengthen and apply the prime areas.

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive art and design

Within these areas, we are able to create a broad based curriculum that children not only enjoy, but will also prepare them for their next steps into primary education.

Each child is allocated a key worker, the key worker is in turn accountable to the class teacher. (At all times parents are able to question the class teacher on their child’s progress, or of concerns the parent might have). The key worker observes and records the achievements and progress the child makes. These observations are kept as evidence of the child’s progress. Such evidence continues the journey through the school with the child. (As a starting point, we request parents to complete a simple questionnaire, this allows us an insight into a child’s development prior to attending Abbotsbury School).

When the time arrives for the child to leave Abbotsbury School, the evidence is used to create a transition document. This document allows the child’s next school, to have an accurate overview of the child’s ability and achievements. (Both parents and children contribute to The Transition Document, before it is sent to the child’s new school).

At the end of each academic term, a folder is collated of the child’s work related evidence, these are in turn given to the child to present to their parents. (A very proud moment).

If a child is identified to having a ‘special educational need,’ or a possible area of ‘delay’, we allow through specific planning via an ‘Individual Education Plan,’ activities and monitoring that will benefit the child’s progress. (We have two SEN qualified members of staff within our staffing structure).

If required, we engage with external agencies seeking advice and support for both parent and child, to enhance a child,s progress and transition to future schools.

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