Our Aims

Our Aims

Our aims are to prepare children for the next stage of education. This may take place at rising five. The first term at a junior school can be a daunting experience, we aim to make that transition as smooth as possible. We want our children to believe that if that was school, I want more of it.

“To achieve our aims we provide a rich stimulating environment, in which a child is able to develop both academically and socially.”

Our staff are well qualified, friendly and are all trained to understand the individual needs of the children they have within their care. With low ration classes, we aim to encourage every child to do their best, within their ability.

“We encourage children to develop an awareness of self and sensitivity towards their peers. To understand moral values, good manners and the boundaries of good behaviour.”

All class teachers are only too aware that parents require a good relationship with their nursery provider.

“At all times, parents are able to question class teachers on their child

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