School Fees

School Fees

School Fees from April 2021.
Our hourly rate is set at £4.30 (To match that of the Government’s funding scheme).

Lunches are an extra £2.00 and breakfast £1.00 per day.

5 Full days. £1797.00 Per term (12 weeks), (Includes lunches and drinks). 9am to 3.30pm. Our secessions are not negotiable. (The amount of weeks in a given term can vary).

3 Full days. £1078.20 Per term. (12 weeks), (Includes lunches and drinks). 9am to 3.30pm.

5 Mornings £774.00 Per term. (12 weeks), 9am to 12 Midday.

4 Mornings. £619.20 per term. Times and weeks as above.
3 Mornings. £464.40 per term. Times and weeks as above.
2 Mornings. £309.6084 per term. Times and weeks as above.

Lunches £6.30 Per day. (£2.00 per lunch £4.30 for the hour).

Early Morning Club £4.30 Per hour. (Doors open at 8.00am).
Breakfast £1.00

After School Club £4.30 per hour. (Care ends at 5.00pm).

We operate a payment system of school fees, where parents are able to pay their child’s fees in three instalments, using direct payments. (The equivalent of monthly).

A non refundable registration fee of £20, is payable with the
completion of every Entry Form.

Government Funding :

All children aged between 3 and 5 years are eligible for the Early Years Government Funding.

Every child eligible, is offered free schooling for 15 hours per week. Each hour is worth £4.30.

Government Funding commences the term after a child’s third birthday, this continues until the age of five.

Each parent or guardian must complete a Government Information Form, (supplied by Abbotsbury School) and produce proof of the child’s age, (a copy of a birth certificate). For further details please contact Mr. Manley.

Each hour of Government funding ), is worth £4.30, this amount contributes towards one morning or one afternoon session. (Max 15 hours per week).

For those children attending 5 sessions of schooling per week. (The Autumn term will be 14 weeks long. The total Government funding will be worth £903.00 (for a 14 week term). This is deducted from your school fees at outset.

For those parents who are eligible, Abbotsbury School is registered for the extended 30 hour entitlement scheme. (Please see Mr Manley).

Abbotsbury School is also registered to take children who are eligible within the 2gether / two year old funding scheme. This applies to children aged 2 years, who have parents who are in receipt of tax credits. Each qualifying child is eligible to claim 15 free hours per week.
Please ask Mr Manley for details.

On leaving Abbotsbury School, a terms written notice is required from every parent. If this does not take place, Abbotsbury School reserves the right to demand a payment of a terms fees in full.

In the event of any absenteeism, no refunds of fees are made.

Government funding can only be claimed if the named pupil, is registered and has commenced schooling within a given period from the start date of any given term.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Mr. Manley at Abbotsbury
School. Tel  01626 352164  or email
We will be only too pleased to help.

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